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Sorry, Folks: Titans Is Dead At TNT

After so much silence, we have confirmation: Titans is dead at TNT.

“We decided it wasn’t where we wanted to go,” Deadline reports TNT president Kevin Reilly as saying at the TCA Press Tour.

It is rumored that Cyborg may just become a Titans movie… if that is not the case, though, we’ll still hold out hope for a Titans TV show someday…. hopefully more true to the Wolfman & Perez original stories, anyway.

We might have dodged a bullet here…

Akiva Goldsman is currently working on building a Transformers universe for the movies, so if Titans is ever tried again, perhaps it will be by new people. Or, maybe we’ll someday get that Nightwing series we all deserve…

The @TitansWriters Twitter Feed Has Posted!

Though we still aren’t sure if it’s been actually confirmed that they’re legit, a Tweet finally came from the @TitansWriters Twitter feed today. Here’s what they posted – a simple picture of Nightwing:


On a Twitter note, if you’re not following our own Titans twitter account @TitansTV already… you should be!

Is Titans Now Called “Blackbirds?” (Answer: Most Likely No)

The website is alleging that TNT’s Titans might be going by a different title.

This new title they mentioned is “Blackbirds” – possibly referencing the bird-themed characters within – although, if you’re adapting a major brand, shouldn’t you use a name people know?

They mention the show will shoot in the Spring in Toronto. The Toronto part is consistent with what we have heard; the Spring part, we hadn’t heard before. Maybe the Starz project Blackbirds is shooting soon, which would put us back at the “no Titans updates” corner.

We’ve heard nothing confirming this and will take any news with a grain of salt until or unless the studio, the network, or the creative people involved confirm anything.

UPDATE: While we’ve heard nothing either way from the studio, Chris (@Comic_Canuck on Twitter) did some sleuthing and found that Starz has a project in development called “Blackbirds,” based on a novel. Chances are good that Season-Zero got their wires crossed. Nothing to see here!

Titans TNT Spoilers: Characters Revealed?

titansquitBarbara Gordon hangs out with the Titans? has supposedly gotten a hold of the Titans pilot script, and they have revealed which characters we will be seeing… including a few surprises. Now, we cannot verify if this report is accurate, but we can pass along what was said. You can read the full report HERE. But if this is true, who can we look forward to?

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