@TitansWriters On Twitter: A Sign The Project Is Still Alive?

It’s been a quiet time for those of us seeking news on Titans, with things like Lucifer, Supergirl, and the untitled Arrow/Flash spinoff seemingly taking more priority in the DCTV world. The-New-Teen-Titans-Omnibus_Vol1With Kevin Reilly now installed to run TNT, it seemed that chances for the project may have gone down even more, as it came up before he joined the Turner networks. Also casting doubt was the notion that Akiva Goldsman is reportedly guiding the Transformers movie franchise for Paramount soon.

However, there might be a good sign.

A @TitansWriters Twitter account has sprung up, and it seems to be followed by a few important DC people. We assume that means it is legit – if it’s not, some very important people were duped.

In any event, we can hope it’s good news… and if you’re not following OUR Twitter feed, you can do that below:

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