Casting The Titans Pilot For TNT: Our Picks

All we know about Titans at this point is that the pilot is shooting next year, and that it is expected for it to include Nightwing as well as some DC Comics Titans favorites like Starfire and Raven.

The hope is that TNT likes it, and makes a series out of it.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our own casting suggestions, and you’re all welcomed to leave some of your own in the comments section. As we don’t know for sure which characters will be present, or what ages they are even looking for, this could be completely off from what we ultimately end up getting, if we see anything at all.

Without further ado, here are TitansTV’s collected Titans! (Our thanks to Shilo Adams for some casting suggestions.)

Nightwing/Dick Grayson: Blake Michael

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Unless you have kids or younger siblings, you might not know who Blake Michael is, as one of the stars of the Disney Channel's Dog With A Blog. Now, it is quite possible his show wouldn't even be over in time for a Titans show, now that Disney Channel shows don't always have a 65-episode limit anymore.

Blake Michael would be a good choice if this Dick Grayson is new to the whole Nightwing thing and still relatively young. He's definitely got the hair for the part, and we're pretty sure he'd look absolutely ridiculous in green underpants, which is a good reason for the other characters to bring in humor about his Robin past.

(Sorry about this, Steven McQueen.)

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