Titans TNT Spoilers: Characters Revealed?

titansquitBarbara Gordon hangs out with the Titans?

Nerdist.com has supposedly gotten a hold of the Titans pilot script, and they have revealed which characters we will be seeing… including a few surprises. Now, we cannot verify if this report is accurate, but we can pass along what was said. You can read the full report HERE. But if this is true, who can we look forward to?

63204Nightwing. Nerdist notes that Dick Grayson starts this project as a Robin who has quit working alongside Batman… instead, now becoming a detective in Boston. (Not Bludhaven, Boston). He’ll “eventually become Nightwing,” which sounds like a character arc to us.

Barbara Gordon. She’s not calling herself Oracle, but she is wheelchair-bound and the team’s “resident computer hacker.” (Interesting how so many DC adaptations go the pre-New 52 route, eh?)  Also interesting is how, if this flies and this information is accurate, we’ll have a show with Barbara’s parents on one network, and Barbara herself on another, with Batgirl apparently happening somewhere in between.

8003Hawk and Dove. They’ve never been too big in the Titans comics lore, and this will be the Hank Hall and Dawn Granger versions of the characters. Nerdist notes that they may be a romantic pairing and that they have the “biggest change” from their comic book counterparts.

Raven. The half-demon empath/teleporter daughter of Trigon is referred to as “Rachel Roth” in the pilot script.

latestStarfire. Koriand’r and Raven both appear only as buttons at the end of the pilot script (whatever that means), but she’s expected to be a big part of the show if it moves forward. Nerdist also notes that we shouldn’t be surprised if there’s a love triangle between Dick, Kory, and Barbara Gordon.

Missing from the line-up? No Cyborg, no Beast Boy, and it seems, no mention of Donna Troy either. We’re assuming cost, Wonder Woman, and a Justice League movie might get in the way of some of those things.

So… assuming this is all legit, what do you think?

You can read the Nerdist article that broke these details here.

Sadly, we don’t have any more details about when Titans might happen.

Thanks to Andy for the tip.

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