Titans Recruits An Arrow Villain & Casts Acolyte

A villain that was seen on The CW series Arrow may be in the first episode of the upcoming live-action Titans series, seemingly confirming that the show will take place in a totally different universe.

The IMDb page for Titans lists actor Mark Antony Krupa (Rogue) as playing Konstantin Kovar. First appearing in DC Comics with Teen Titans #18 back in 1968 and created by Marv Wolfman and the late Len Wein, Kovar is the father of the Titans-affiliated character Leonid Kovar who was eventually known as Red Star. Could this mean that Red Star might show up on the series as well? Maybe!

Konstantin Kovar was a major figure in the Arrow Season 5 flashbacks where he was played by Dolph Lundgren.

Do note that this casting is not yet officially confirmed by the studio; we have reached out and hopefully we will get confirmation soon.

In addition to the Kovar casting, it looks like Titans has found their villain, the Acolyte. Jarreth Merz (MacGyver, Six, Ben-Hur, ER) is listed as playing the role. The recent Twitter follows from Mr. Merz include Titans’ Brenton Thwaites which could lead credence to the accuracy of this casting.

Titans is coming to the DC Comics streaming service in 2018. Browse TitansTV for some photos and other news related to the show!

One thought on “Titans Recruits An Arrow Villain & Casts Acolyte”

  1. If Konstantin Kovar’s appearance leads to us seeing Red Star on the show, that would be amazing! I think it’s more likely that Konstantin’s presence on Titans will lead to that than his presence on Arrow will, given Red Star’s comic book history. The episode about him on the Teen Titans animated series is a favorite of mine! I’m not very familiar with the the actors cast as Kovar or as the Acolyte, but I trust DC TV casting at this point, and I’m excited to see what both actors bring to their respective roles!

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