Titans TV Fantasy Casting: Who Else Could Show Up?


A native of Cape Town, South Africa, Alex McGregor has surely been on the Warner Bros. radar as she starred in The CW pilot Searchers earlier this year. She also appeared on the series Of Kings and Prophets and Blood Drive and the movie The Dark Tower.

McGregor certainly has the look for Donna Troy and, like Donna in this particular photo, can even pull off the choker well!

In any event, Donna Troy is a “must” for a Titans show, possibly more than anyone else, as the heart and soul of the team.


We were tempted to tap Riverdale’s doomed “Jason Blossom” Trevor Stines as Jason Todd, the Red Hood; after all, the actor, who once proclaimed that he’d like to play Nightwing, has experience playing eventually-dead guys named Jason.

With that said, though… it seems Roy Harper is the more likely character to show on Titans, and since it’s doubtful that the show is tied to the Arrowverse Colton Haynes won’t be there for it. So, who do get?

Trevor Stines looks good as a redhead, and if you follow his Instagram you can see he’s a lot more ripped than Jason Blossom’s on-screen frame might reveal. So, instead of the Red Hood, how about Jason Todd’s comic book team-up partner, Arsenal a.k.a. Roy Harper? Make it happen, people.

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