Titans TV Fantasy Casting: Who Else Could Show Up?


Again, we are going into this assuming Titans has no Arrowverse or DCEU ties, so Manu Bennett and Joe Manganiello won’t do. So, again, we are going to go back to something we’ve suggested since Arrow premiered five years ago: Stephen Lang (Terra Nova, Avatar), who looks like he jumped right out of the pages of DC Comics. He can do menacing, he can do scary, he can do honorable… all traits of a good Deathstroke the Terminator.


We agree with the folks at ComicBook.com that Dove Cameron would be the ideal Sabrina the Teen age Witch, but if she’s not, how about making her the daughter of Slade Wilson a.k.a. Deathstroke? Especially if the youth angle is going to be highlighted, it would make more sense to bring the younger character in.

Rose Wilson was one of the best characters to come into Teen Titans comics in the last decade, and she’d certainly be an interesting character to see on the Titans show. Cameron has quite a following from her Disney work, making her even more of a “get” for the series.

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