Titans TV Fantasy Casting: Who Else Could Show Up?


When preparing this article, we were perplexed as to who might be a good choice for Terra though Teagan Croft who plays Raven on Titans would have been perfect.

We’re not getting involved with picking a Kid Flash because then the debate over which race the character will be would begin, and that’s a fight we don’t want to be a part of.

We also didn’t pick a Kaldur’ahm a.k.a. Aqualad because the perfect guy in our minds, Keiynan Lonsdale, is already Wally West a.k.a. Kid Flash over on DC’s Leg— err, The Flash. 😉

We’d love to see Titans mainstays like Jericho showing up at some point. Or Conner Kent, who is another one that we considered including on this list. And if there’s any way to introduce or include Cyborg — assuming the show truly isn’t tied to the movies — we’d welcome it.

In any event, thanks for reading our casting choices, and who knows… maybe one of them will actually happen! We can always hope!

Titans premieres in 2018 on DC’s upcoming streaming service.

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